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A couple of UK events are coming up next month where I am attending and exhibiting my art. First the Leeds Steampunk Market, in Left Bank, Leeds on Sat 6th and Sunday 7th October… , and then the London Comic Con MCM Expo in Excel London on 26th - 28th October . Hope to see some of you there :)
This weekend I will be one of the artist guests at the Bristol Comic Expo 2012, held in Bristol UK. Details of where it is, when its on and how much to get in can be found on their web site at

I will have a stand where you can come and say hi. I am happy to sign pretty much anything  - within reason and hopefully featuring my art ;) I will have prints and various products for sale there also.
I'll be giving two art talks. On Sat @ 2pm a digital art walk through, and on Sunday @ 2pm a talk/lesson on how to draw dragons.

There is a great line up of other artist guests and exhibitors and I'm looking forward to the event.
Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my page here on Deviant Art. Its a great site and a wonderful place to be able to share art. I've been busy with new art projects and haven't been around for a while, and I'm afraid I've got completely behind with answering messages and notes. However my thanks to people that have left them.
You can watch a short video interview with me about my new tattoo art book on YouTube…

I'm going to be exhibiting at the MCM Expo in Manchester UK this Saturday (July 30th) in the Comic Village section… . Although I am not a comic book artist there are a variety of different artist attending there. If you're going along, come over and say hi :)
STOKED by Ironshod
My new book STOKED is out! Its all about my art and how it has been used for tattoos. There are many full page prints of my paintings, over 130 tattoos, photos of the tattoo owners and tattoo artists, tattoo shop details. Plus a forward writen by me and tattoo flash. So what are you waiting for? Go buy a copy! ;) They are available now online from… They will post to anywhere in the world. (wholesale enquiries to

A big thank you to everyone featured in the book. It simply would not have happened without you all :) Here are some sample pages I have postde on DA from the book...
STOKED - Angel Rose by Ironshod STOKED - Summon the Reaper by Ironshod STOKED - Woodland Guardian 1 by Ironshod STOKED - Woodland Guardian 2 by Ironshod STOKED - Medusa 1 by Ironshod STOKED - Medusa 2 by Ironshod

To promote the book I will be exhibiting at some tattoo shows. The first of which is State of the Art in Derby, UK on July 16th and 17th. Info on the event can be found on their web site
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Next month I am exhibiting my artwork and selling prints and various products featuring my art at Bristol Expo, in Bristol UK on May 14th and 15th. There are a great many wonderful artists exhibting there also, who I look forward to meeting.

The event web site is

There is also a Comics Expo with many artist guests from this field running alongside it in another nearby hotel. Details of this are linked to from the main web site also.

If you think it looks good, why not pay a visit, and be sure to come along to my stand and say hi :)

PS: for those of you who don't already know, my real name is Anne Stokes (as shown on the Expo web site) not Ironshod ;)
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I has been a beautiful sunny day here in the UK and I think Spring has finally sprung! I'm looking forward to visiting the lovely old sea side town of Whitby for the Goth Festival there this weekend. I will be signing prints on the Sacred Cave stand in the Spa between 12 and 1 o'clock each day. If any of you are going to the event please come over and say hi :)
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I am publishing a book about my art and how it has been used for tattoos. It will feature prints of my artworks, loads of tattoo photos with comments from the owners and tattoo artists, flash tattoo designs and an interview about my work. If you have a tattoo done from one of my designs or you know someone who has, I'd love to hear from you. (For any that have not yet noticed my name is Anne Stokes and I just post here on DA as Ironshod :) You can see many examples of such tattoos here )

We need a good quality photo of the tattoo and also a photo of the tatto owner, so readers can see the person behind the tattoo (and/or a photo of the tattoo artist)

We would also like to print a little information about each tattoo...

Tattoo Owners name (as it is to appear in the book):
Owners location (Country and Town/City):
Tattoo Artists name:
Tattoo Studio Name (and address if possible):
Tattoo Studio Website (if there is one):
The reason you chose this design:

The deadline for the photos and info to be emailed to us by is March 30th 2011, but the sooner the better. There is some further information on my web site at


Thanks for reading this and please spread the word :)
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I'm just making some final preparations for F.A.C.T.S this weekend. I am looking forward to being a guest at the convention, exhibiting my art, visiting Belgium and meeting lots of people!
Maybe see some of you there? For more info on the event click on this
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I've just updated my web site's page for tattoos that people have got done from my artworks. A very big thank you to everyone who emailed me their photos or posted them on my Facebook page. Its always really great to see how they turn out, and there is some amazing work by some very talented tattoo artists. I take it as big compliment when someone likes my picture enough to get it tattooed on! Here's a link to my tattoos page
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Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around on DA for a while. However I have been busy painting new art. I'll be posting it soon and there are quite a few dragons ;)

First up is an artwork called "Fly away with me". I hope you will like it
Fly away with me by Ironshod
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Issue 57 of Imagine FX magazine is out now in Europe and a vampire special! This includes an article that I wrote on tips for painting vampires :) Its a really good issue and many great artists are featured including master of fantasy Luis Royo, and movie poster legend Drew Struzan. For more info you can visit the Imagine FX web site here

A big thank you to all the people that commented on my last journal entry and suggested possible questions to be answered in the article. Many of your suggestions are included, along with these vampire themed artwork first seem on DA...
Await the Night by Ironshod Gothic Siren by Ironshod

There is also more info on this, and other places where my art appears on my new Facebook page
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I am pleased to have been asked by Imagine FX magazine to write an article on vampire art. This is to include 15 tips on painting vampires which will be accompanied by my art.

Is there anything you would like to know that you think would make a good subject for one of these tips? The tips can be about the art technique, or related to research topics, or recurring themes of vampire art, typical poses, etc. Post a comment here. It would be interesting to hear what people suggest, and I'll try and cover as many of the topics as possible in the article.
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Thanks to the 700+ people who entered my competition to win a signed copy of my new Dragon Lord jigsaw puzzle…

A big congratulation to 878952 who was the first person to guess the correct answer of 347. Very well done! I had a guess before I actually counted them and I way way off. That wooden box held a lot more pieces than I thought!

I will be holding another contest like this soon, so don't dispair if you didn't win ;)
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My Dragon Lord artwork has recently been published as a 500 piece jigsaws by Educa. Here is a chance for you to win a copy of one, signed by me :)

The Challenge:
Guess how may jigsaw puzzle pieces are in the wooden box (shown in the photo below).  

A Clue:
This is a 500 piece puzzle, but I have not put all the pieces in the wooden box. So there are somewhere between 50 and 500.

Enter by posting the number you think as a comment to this journal entry.
Only 1 entry per person (if you enter more than once just your first post will be used).
If more than 1 person gets the correct number (or the nearest correct number) the first person to post the number will win.
Competition will finish on Friday 26th February 2010 17:00 GMT (UK time)

The Winner:
The winner will be contacted via note and/or email, where you can reply and give me the address you would like your prize posted to. (I will post it to anywhere in the world). The winner will then be announced in a journal entry.

You can see the artwork used in this puzzle on DA here
Dragon Lord by Ironshod

Good luck! :)
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I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who answered my Poll on what colour they think unicorns can be.… The result were very interesting.  Also the 17 pages of comments people left! It was really great to hear what everyone thinks. I am sorry I have not been able to reply to them all as I have quite a tight deadline for these new unicorn artworks, but I have read and very much appreciated them. My new unicorn painting is progressing and I look forward to showing it here on DA soon. The unicorn's colour may prove a little controversal with some ;)

Thanks also to everyone who has stopped by and joined my new Facebook page about my art… . Really nice to meet so many DA members there also. Thanks for your support :)
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A very happy new year! I hope 2010 has started well for you.

I have just set up a facebook page about my art. Here is the… If you are on Facebook you can become a "fan" there. It would be nice if you come and join in, make some comments, talk with me and other people, etc :)

I do also have a personal proflie on Facebook but I don't accept friend request there from people I don't know. I like to keep this private for just my social friends and family connections. I hope everyone understands this and don't think I am being rude.
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Last week I posted a new preview image of one of my Dragon Friendship paintings made into a sculpted figure by Nemesis Now…. They are doing a large range of items using my art that will be released in Spring 2010.

Here are photos of the sculpture in progress made from my Dragon's Lair painting that Nemesis Now sent me. What can I say other than wow!!! The sculptor has really done an awesome job. I can't wait to see it finished and painted.

Below is a link to the artwork posted on DA. I also supplied a few side view sketches to Nemesis Now to explain how the dragon would be leaning forwards. I wanted it to be posed a bit like a wild animal pawing the ground and growling before the potential attack.
Dragons Lair by Ironshod

A huge thank you to Nemesis Now for doing this range of sculptures from my artwork. It is absolutely amzing to see my paintings brought into 3d. I will post more details about the whole set and where you can buy them when they are released. For now it is just great to share these pictures! :)
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I am really excited to be able to show you one of a set of new Dragon Friendship figurines, based on my artwork that are being produced by Nemesis Now. Due for release in Spring 2010. I think the sculptor has done an excellent job and it is really amazing to see my painting brought to life like this!

You can see my Friends Forever painting that it is based on here on DA:
Friends forever by Ironshod
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I hope you all had a good Halloween. I had a great time. Thanks to everyone who entered my Halloween competition…. There were over 800 enteries and I had fun looking at all the guesses. Several people were clever enough to guess the exact number of 203 sweets in the bowl.

1st prize of an "Altar Drake" sculpture produced from one of my design by Nemesis Now and a signed copy of my 2010 calendar goes to the first correct guess, which was made by DarklingDerailed

2nd prize of a signed copy of my 2010 calendar goes to the next person to guess correctly jisatsuaiiwaku

Congratulations to both of them :)
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