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August 7, 2008
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Water dragon by Ironshod Water dragon by Ironshod
I've been wanting to paint a water dragon for ages! I also have an idea for a giant one swimming underwater, but that'll have to wait for now.

What do you think is the story behind this image? It just sort of happened and doesn't have one, but I feel that it should. If any of the writers amongst you would like to suggest an idea it would be really interesting to hear what you come up with. Or if anyone has a better name than "water dragon" please let me know - I am afraid I am pretty useless at thinking of names for my paintings! ;)

This was a commission, but the client just requested a female character in water with a fantasy theme, and you know me, any excuse to paint a dragon :giggle:

Hope you like it :)
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Love it! What else can I say.
she is beautiful i have a copy of this piece on display in my house thats how enchanting it is 

I personally love this so much that when I saw it in a store, I had to get it!


I've always thought the story behind it was that the kingdoms were in danger and an Elven royal heard a rumor that their salvation was to be found in an underground cavern filled with water that used to be a temple. When she waded into the water, she saw something shining through and reached down for it to reveal a baby dragon! Of course she was surprised, but the dragon looks kinda smug like it's saying "that's right, I'm your salvation. Deal with it."

So a title would kind of be Surprise Savior... Watery Savior... Or something along those lines.  

Creaturesformybook Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

I was considering asking you if I could use this picture for my first book I'm writing. If I was able too I would write something like this:


A young water dragon made his way to the shore badly injured..... Shira showed the queen the dragon "Can you help him?" She asked. The queen of the Elves took up the young water dragon and walked toward the lake. The other elves gathered around in fascination wondering what she would do. She walked out into the lake nearly waste deep. With soft words she whispered in the Elven language. She whispered so soft that no one could hear what she said..... Suddenly the blue dragon burst from the water ten times his original size! 

There is a lot more I added to it but I don't want to spoil it and I don't want anyone to steal my ideas so this is just a taste and I took some parts out to keep my ideas hidden. Let me know what you think. Thanks :)

Ironshod- I can send you the rest privately if you want to see the rest. Let me know :)
blueMALOU Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
love itWater dragon - emoticon Water dragon - emoticon Water dragon - emoticon Water dragon - emoticon Water dragon - emoticon Water dragon - emoticon look what i found
I love your little dragon pets .They are so cute.I want one so bad The story I felt was it was not a water dragon.She is trying to give her pet a bath
.He is is a stubborn mood so she is coaxing him to be a good boy
I love this dragon <3
wow i have seen this every were but i did not know someone on DA did it so cool
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